Sunday, March 16, 2008

Had To Share

I know this is most-likely a joke, but after reading it I burst out laughing and had to share – I should NOT be the only person getting this much amusement out of this ridiculousness.

A month ago – and then two weeks ago, again – I had a bacterial infection and bronchitis. The doctor prescribed a round of antibiotics each time, something called Levaquin. I had never heard of it, but when I would te
ll people what I was taking they'd say, "Oooh! That's really strong!"

Strong or not, the drug made me feel great. I'm finally back to feeling 100% again. And I had zero side effects from taking Levaquin.

Hearing how "strong" this drug was made me curious, so I did a little research (granted, I should have probably researched the drug BEFORE taking it, but I felt so awful I would have taken anything they put in front of me and said would work).

Anyway, I found this message board for Levaquin where you rate the drug, list why you were taking it, and if you had any side effects.

Here's what I found: