Friday, July 6, 2012

feel free to bestow sympathy on me. i'm not shy.

First of all, each one of you that told me that, "it's different now!" to get me to come back to my current company, is TOTALLY a liar.

I'm not mad at you, and I don't want to leave my job, but I felt the need to point out that each of you is going to hell for telling a BIG. FAT. LIE.

So continuing the "hey, you lied to me!" theme, I wanted to share my calendar from Monday. (While you may have no idea what the meetings mean, you can count, so you'll be astute enough to see that when you book me in not one, not two but THREE meetings at the same time, I will only be at one of them. I'm no sheep, and they haven't figured out how to clone me yet.

If you ever dreaded a Monday, this is a good reason: