Friday, September 19, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

Ack! I’ve been SO busy I haven’t had time to post ANYTHING.

And I want to. I really, really want to.

But until I can crawl out from under my workload, here are the Top 10 Things That Have Been Going On In My Life:
  1. I watched the TV coverage of the town meeting I attended, and sure enough, I was on TV. They didn’t get me sneaking out, but they did get me rocking back and forth (I can’t stand still! I can’t help it!), which my family found hilarious.
  2. My back is aching. We are watching my in-laws’ pupper Dino, and I’ve been sleeping like a pretzel around two dogs every night.
  3. My new least-favorite work term is “out of pocket”. If I hear, “I’ll be with the client so I’ll be out-of-pocket all day” one more time, I might scream. You are UNAVAILABLE people. Stop trying to make it sound more important than it is.
  4. Today is my parents’ 38th wedding anniversary! Happy Ann, Mom and Dad!
  5. This weather? Is the BEST. It’s a good hair day every day!
  6. I attended my friend’s baby’s baptism last weekend. The deacon, who was reveling in the absence of the priest, took full advantage of having the floor. He turned the ceremony into some sort of crazy game show about baptism. He’d point at someone and ask, “You! Who baptized Jesus?”
  7. I went shopping for fall clothes and I was not impressed with how things were fitting me (read: they WEREN’T fitting me). So instead I bought shoes. Lots of shoes.
  8. I’m such a goober who is addicted to TV that I printed a cheat sheet of all the TV shows for the Fall with the dates of when they are premiering. It’s also on the fridge. Highlighted.
  9. I went to the dermatologist for my post-summer full-body check for oddities. The doctor’s last words to me were, “You are completely unimpressive. Come back when you have something to show me.” (Is it just me, or doesn’t it seem like she wanted something to be wrong with me???)
  10. I am so busy that it took me seven hours to write this list.
The weekend can’t come soon enough!


Sarah Elizabeth said...

About 10 mins. ago I, too, made a list of all of the TV shows. I'm nervous my DVR won't let me record all of them!

Anonymous said...

Now I'm afraid to keep my dermatologist appointment for fear that she'll tell me I'm also completely unimpressive. Like I need a dermatologist to tell me that! Maybe I'll skip the appointment and go buy some fabulous shoes.