Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Age over matter

I celebrated a birthday recently.

It wasn't a milestone birthday in the sense that they had a selection of cards in the store calling out my numerical age. But is was a milestone because It was the first birthday I've had that I've felt OLD.

My bones are creaking and cracking.
My eyesight is creeping away from 20/20.
My metabolism has packed up and left town.

But I still have my wit, right???

In honor of my - ahem - 37th birthday, I have composed a list of little wisdoms I have learned.

1. Shoes make the girl
2. Mascara works wonders
3. It's okay to ignore a friend request, especially if they're not a 'friend'
4. You only drink like you're 25 once...when you're 25
5. Nobody puts baby in the corner. Ever.
6. Saying you're going to exercise only counts as exercise until you're 28, then it catches up to you, and you actually have to get off your ass
7. You can always count on your parents
8. There's a lot of truth in the answer you give when someone asks you what you want to be when you grow up (my answer: a writer)
9. Dress for your body
10. Have one interest that you could lose yourself in for hours

Happy birthday to my fellow Aries!

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ChristyLove said...

Happy birthday, Gorgeous!