Tuesday, November 27, 2012

kk's favorite things

Oprah isn't the only one who can have favorite things! 
(Though she can still be the only one who gives away her favorite things...this girl hasn't won Powerball just yet.)

It's that time of year...when everyone under the sun puts out their Gift Guides.

I've done the due diligence and scoured them all, and have come up the best gifts that are on my every girl's list.

Mixing bowls from West Elm. $59/set of 3

(this could be on the list because my immersion blender died right before I was going to puree the soup for Thanksgiving dinner. this is one of those tools that you don't use all the time, but when you need it, it's awesome.)

Mustaches are everywhere, yeah yeah yeah. For the record, I stole a beer glass from a bar with a mustache on it WAY before they were a thing. This 'stache-decorated iPhone case is a 'must'! 

I'm not sure if these were truly on a Gift Guide, or just on MY gift list. Frye's break in perfectly and fit like a glove.

A girl can't have enough Le Creusets, that's what I always say!
This pretty blue goes amazingly well with my orange stove.

Essie + Bracelets = fabulous. $50
This girly collaboration from BaubleBar is one part Essie nail polish and 3 parts trendy bracelet. Design your own collection in a variety of must-have colors.
I'm a cheese whore. Even my high school questionnaire said so.
With all the junk mail we get, imagine having THIS deliciousness delivered to your door???

Julia Child's Biography and Cookbook. $17 and $40
My very own personal homage to Julia. Bring on the butter!

A top that looks luxe but feels like fleece? With a fur collar? Where are my leggings and boots??

This gift is so that I can keep the white wine chilled for my mother. But I love that you can keep white on the table without having a ceramic snuggie.

Vito will look fabulous.

"Made In America" skillets. various prices.
I don't actually want this, considering the "Connecticut" pan is $250 and barely fit a fried egg. But how cool are these???

Happy Shopping!

Next up: Thanksgiving recap.

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FunnyGal KAT said...

$250 for the CT pan?!? But we're tiny. I can't imagine what Texas goes for. Not to mention, what is Rhode Island's pan even good for if CT barely fits an egg? But it's a neat concept.

I like your list!