Thursday, February 28, 2008

Entertainment In My Rearview Mirror

There must be a full moon, because I had some crazy people driving behind me on the highway today.

First was the GMC truck and Toyota coupe behind me playing chicken. They thought it was hilarious to cut each other off, weaving in and out of traffic. At one point, the Toyota cut off the truck, threw his fist up in the air and gave the truck the finger (actually, that was pretty funny...laughed out loud on that one).

Then there was the woman fighting on the phone. Good thing she was hands-free, because she needed both hands to talk. (um, which hand is driving???)

Last – and perhaps my favorite – was the guy shaving.
Yes, shaving. (it was with an electric razor, natch. I mean, if he had shaving cream and it Schick it would have just been weird).

Doesn't anyone pay attention to the road anymore?

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