Friday, April 25, 2008

A Love Letter

Dear Boston,

I miss you.

It could be the perfect spring weather, making me all nostalgic and weepy (or it’s the ridiculously high pollen count).

I only spent a mere hour visiting your loveliness last week, and I was once again smitten.

(Even though it took me ONE HOUR to drive from the Longwood Medical Area to 93 South through the ghetto. Hey, it was the Friday of Marathon weekend, the beginning of school vacation week, a perfect 70 degree sunny day. So I forgive you.)

Sitting in the car, surrounded by worn chain-link fences, boarded up buildings and sketchy dudes selling flowers to people stuck in traffic, I realized how much I really, really, really MISS you.

I miss your budding trees on the Common, flip-flop friendly sidewalks, and outdoor cafes.

I miss parking my car on Sunday and not getting back in it until the following weekend (I definitely do NOT miss street cleaning days).

I miss walking to Terry’s for breakfast, sitting at the counter and enjoying the Best. Breakfast Burrito. Ever.

I miss walking to the T (didn’t even feel like ¾ of a mile!), hopping on for 2 stops and emerging in the basement of my office.

I miss sitting outside at Kingfish Hall and sucking down raw bar.

I miss last-minute Sox tickets (in the Boston Globe Box!) on warm, summer nights.

I miss Restaurant Week!

I miss Dré, my esthetician. SO much. (She has no idea of my possible girl-crush on her. She is a WIZARD with wax.)

I miss producing gourmet meals out of a galley kitchen.

I miss bar crawls (10 bars, 10 beers!).

I miss walking everywhere, exploring your new restaurants, shops and bars.

I even miss the stinky trash days, and pizza crusts all over the sidewalk.

So I will love you from afar, Boston.

And be comforted in knowing you are just 2 hours away.

Always yours,

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