Saturday, August 21, 2010

i'm tired just thinking about it

I signed up for a 5k with some girls from work. We joined as a corporate team. The race is September 26.

Why this is a big mistake, numbers-style:

0: Number of 5k's I've run

0: Number of any-other-number-k's I've run

2: Number of times I've EVER run

3: Number of times I've said I'd never run again (once for just thinking about running)

0: Number of times I've started training since signing up

0: Number of times I've exercised since signing up

2: Number of times I've thought about exercising since signing up (that counts, right?)

I'm hoping that on the day of the race, I'm so inspired by the runners around me (read: terrified of being trampled) that I

For 3 miles.

Either that, or my new coworkers can just drag me.


Rebecca Watson said...

you will do fine!! drink lots of water!!

Tasha said...

I walked my first 5 k "run" that a friend convinced me to do with her several years ago. The race organizers were picking up the traffic cones right behind us and we were the last finishers! lol! Have you heard of the couch to 5 k training program? It's what I did when I really wanted to start running and it worked really well. You can totally do a 5 k! Good luck!