Monday, September 6, 2010

we can't even move in peace

It's no secret around this blog that I cannot STAND my neighbors.

They're nosy; she watches our yard constantly when we have a picnic, and he spies on Mr. KK and me from the shadow of his upstairs window when we're sitting around the chiminea. Oh, and let's not forget how they park their ugly-ass white monstrosity of a caravan in front of OUR house during a snow storm, so that the plows can clear out the space in front of THEIR house.

Oh yes. Saying good-bye to them will be the best thing about moving.

And then. Two weekends ago, as we were cleaning and painting and packing, I watched a huge red dumpster get delivered and dropped right in the middle of my neighbor's driveway.

Because our dear neighbors are putting ANOTHER addition on their house.

Right when we're going to be trying to sell our house.

Prospective buyers will go outside to admire our beautiful yard and be faced with that eyesore. I watch a lot of TV. Whenever someone looks at a house and there's construction going on at a nearby house they always cut to one of those confessionals and the couple saying things like "I like the house, but I'm not sure I could deal with all that construction noise" or "We'd buy this house in a heartbeat, but who wants to live next that racket???"

Every nail the contractors bang in is like a big FU from them.

However, at the right angle, I could throw our attic trash and make it into their dumpster, and save myself some trips down the stairs. They charge you by the weight, right?


Little Ms Blogger said...

The way you've described your neighbor, I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't get zoning permits.

My ex neighbor was going to put a monster addition on (ugly side along my property line) and I called him out on it (I had just looked into permits and knew the zoning laws). Needless to say, he didn't put it up.

I'd find out. I know if I were looking to buy a house, this would be an issue for me.

happy_wife said...

The construction wouldn't bother me if I was looking at your house. As I see it, the noise will end eventually and the result will be a house with a higher appraisal. Better for my house if I live next to someone with a higher valued home. Just my thought.

However, if I was you and I hated my neighbors? Well I would be hoping for a dumpster fire the day after I moved out.