Sunday, March 6, 2011

I want my $2.00!

I love the grocery store. It's like my Mecca. I love nothing more than strolling the aisles on a Saturday morning around 7:30am, tea in hand, planning my weekly menu before the rest of the world wakes up.

This past Saturday morning, Mr. KK was up and wanted to join me.

So together we headed out. I don't want to sound like a senior citizen, but can you believe the price of groceries these days?? Pretty soon I'll have to choose between electricity and pork chops.

We grabbed a bag of frozen raw shrimp, something I always have in the freezer. The jumbo 21-25 count were on sale for 15.98, $4.00 off.

After we checked out and dropped a small fortune (seriously, why can I NOT escape the grocery store for under $100??) I was reviewing my receipt and saw that they only took $2.00 off the shrimp, making them $17.98 instead of $15.98.

KK: "I'm going to the service desk. The shrimp rang up wrong."

Mr. KK gave me that look, the one that says 'oh good lord you're going to embarrass me'.

I know it was only $2.00, but it was about principal.

Standing in line at the service desk, Mr. KK looked like as happy as he would were he waiting for a rectal exam.

KK: "Why don't you start putting the groceries in the car...I know how uncomfortable this makes you."

I'm not sure I even finished my sentence before seeing the back of his head.

When it was my turn I explained the situation. The girl first checked the circular (no luck), then called the seafood department. Twice.

SERVICE GIRL: "These aren't the ones on sale for $15.98. The smaller ones are."

KK: "These are the size on the sign. In the bin."

I'm a writer. I read EVERYTHING.

We have a staring contest until she says, "I can give you the $2.00 difference even though those aren't the ones on sale."

KK: "I will take the $2.00, since those ARE the ones on sale."

I proudly took my money and walked out.

When Mr. KK saw me I flashed the two bills.

And I would have waited twice as long for half the amount of money.

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Leroy said...

$2 is a lot! After watching extreme couponing last weekend, me and Tray will be taking a class and save mega-$$$$.

Little Ms Blogger said...

You should have used the 2 lucky dollar bills to play lotto - bet you would have won!

happy_wife said...

I am not going to lie...I am posting this comment without reading your post cause your title had me at 'hello'. So much so, that if I could ride along side your blog talking only in a Howard Cosell voice, I would.

Off to read the actual text of your blog now....


happy_wife said...

Well, although you lost me at "7:30" I am so with you on the saving money thing. Yeah, just because someone mis-marked the shrimp sign doesn't mean that you should get all sorts of crud because of it.