Friday, December 9, 2011

you can't make this shit up, part 35

We moved into our house in May.

While remodeling, we decided that we would use the space above the fireplace to mount our TV.

That big, open space looks like this, anxiously awaiting a beautiful TV to grace its wall:

With all of the remodeling and moving, buying a new TV was not high on our priority list, since we had to purchase things like wood to build a new front of the house, and pay for a termite exterminator.

So while we dreamed of the big TV, we used our smaller bedroom TV in the meantime. THAT ghetto fabulous set-up looks like this:

The nice thing is the TV turns, so we can watch it while on the couches in the living room, then I can turn it so I can watch it while I'm cooking in the kitchen. Pretty sweet set up. Bonus points for long black cord hanging down.

In a moment of what I can only describe as 'delusions of riches', we decide to bite the bullet and buy the new TV. Mr. KK is in charge of the research. He has spent MONTHS researching this TV, the correct mount for the wall, the LCDs, the HPs and the OMGs. 51" of beauty.

We order the TV!

They ship the TV!

They deliver the TV!

With a huge crack in the screen of the TV!


Leslie said...

Oh no! That sucks!
I gave in and let Mr. H buy a new TV for our house this week too - however I was still hanging onto the old tube TV I had before I even met him (almost 9 years ago). I argued that it still worked and he argued that it was ghetto.

Anonymous said...

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