Tuesday, December 20, 2011


They say you can't go back.

Well, they're wrong.

Because this girl is going back to her old stomping grounds. That's right folks, back to agency life at my previous company.

Mad Men? More like 'Mad, Mad Woman'.

The details - while fuzzy - went something like this:

  • receive a call out of the blue and get showered with compliments
  • receive a text from a creative leader at the company that says, "Hi. We've never met, but I apparently work at the headquarters for the KK Fan Club." ((grin))
  • have a deal NOT go down at work, and must mentally return all of the things I mentally shopped for with my big, fat commission check
  • receive call from the President of the old company who wants to have coffee
  • meet for said coffee, get showered with more compliments, make my concerns known, get misty when asked, "When are you just going to come home, already?"
  • agonize over life's decisions and lose approximately 2 night's sleep
  • receive a call from the COO of the parent company, who also wants to meet for coffee
  • realize that as much as these people love me, they aren't aware that I don't drink coffee
  • order tea
  • after yet another showering of compliments, feel my ego is the cleanest it's ever been
  • am nicely warned by COO that this will be a 'big job, with a lot of pressure on my shoulders, so do a good job'. (good to know. i thought they'd just pay me for showing up)
  • make 'pros and cons' list
  • make grocery list
  • weigh 'long commute' and 'eating dinner at 9pm' against 'girl who makes me consider homicide' and 'Leave It To Beaver hours'
  • get ONE MORE CALL from a former colleague, to get the nitty gritty
  • somehow keep my mouth shut at a social brunch with former coworkers
  • realize that you truly can't take the girl out of creative
  • make my current work partner cry. multiple times a day. at varying levels.
  • feel relief when i hear that after the announcement of my return, the company applause lasted 30 solid seconds

So there you go blog world. KK's going back to the madness.

(Admit it, you missed the posts from my former life!)

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