Monday, May 21, 2012

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You know it's bad when you call your grandmother at 7:27pm on a Monday and she says,"Wow! You're home from work early!"

And that's the kind of two weeks I've had, folks. There were a few days when I had breakfast, lunch AND dinner at my desk. Glamorous, right? Well, if you're one of the 16 people watching AMC's The Pitch, then YES! It's TOTALLY glamorous! That's what the cut-throat world of advertising and marketing is all about.*

All of this is the finish for the unspoken sentence 'I haven't written a blog post in a while because...'

But I've thought about writing blog posts every day. (Does that count?)

So here's what travels through my mind, but doesn't always make the blog, but sometimes makes Facebook, or at least an IM to a coworker.

My musings:

On Adele

If I hear "Set Fire To The Rain" one more time on the radio, I just may set fire to myself.

On my guilty pleasure song for the summer

"Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen. She can't be more than 14, and she's into guys wearing ripped jeans. But, oh, is that tune catchy. 

On the Fifty Shades trilogy

Admittedly, when I first heard about the books, I didn't want to read them. A coworker described them to me as, "Soft porn for middle-aged women." Immediately I wrote them off as modern-day versions of the Fabio novels my mother reads. BUT, I was going on vacation, and thought I'd give them a try.

Verdict? Guilty. I plowed right through them (golf clap for my subtle sexual reference right there). And I liked them. WARNING: they are not 'literature'. But I found myself strangely addicted to them. And not because of the sex. (I'm sorry, but any woman having THAT MUCH action in her hoo-ha would be on permanent UTI medication.) I craved the 'story', their demented conversations, his control issues and 'wounded past'. 

The rights have been purchased (for a cool $5MM I think) for a movie. My thoughts on who will play Christian and Ana: Bradley Cooper and Anne Hathaway. (They are a little on the old side, but Bradley Cooper would be an awesome Christian.) Now, if they can just figure out a way to keep it R-rated; perhaps they eliminate the scenes with the silver balls? (teaser! now go read the books!)

On it almost being June

Hey, 2012? Can you slow down for a hot second?

On suburbia

Next weekend marks a year that we've been in the new house. I can't tell if it feels longer (since we were renovating for a year before moving in) or shorter, because we're still living with naked walls and a basement full of boxes that haven't been unpacked yet.

What I don't know if I'll EVER be used to, is our crazy neighbor and her animal kingdom. 

These lovelies have made themselves at home in our yard.

You might wonder, "Do they wander into your yard at 6am on Saturday and Sunday mornings and quack right outside of your bedroom window?"

Why, yes! Yes they do!

On getting old

Over the last few weeks we've gotten a bunch of messages from this older gentleman Jim, who's looking for his friend Henry.

He calls during the week, during the day, when we're at work. The messages started out something like this:

#1: "Hi Henry, this is Jim. Can you call me today? Thanks."

#2: "Henry, Jim again. Did you get my message? Can you please call me back?"

#3: "Why aren't you calling me back, Henry? It's rude. Call me. It's Jim."

Then one Saturday, Jim called. And I was there to answer.

KK: "Hello?"

JIM: "Hello."

KK:  "Who are you looking for?"

JIM:  "Henry. Is he there?"

Now. I have to imagine that Henry is as old as Jim. When Jim normally calls Henry, does a lady who is probably 40 years Henry's junior answer the phone? Does Henry keep company with young ladies?

KK:  "No, I'm sorry. You have the wrong number. You've left a few messages, but not at the right house. You have the wrong number for Henry."

JIM:  "Oh. Oh no, I'm sorry."

Two days later, we get another message for Henry from Jim.

And then another one.

Yesterday's message sounded like this: "Henry, WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU? Can you please call me when you get up? You can't be THAT busy!"

We had to tell this poor man that he's still leaving messages at the wrong number. So I did the right thing and had Mr. KK call him.

On all of my favorite shows ending at once

Say it ain't so! I'm totally going to check out Dallas on TNT.

*Oh that poor show. Could it be more boring? If they could find a way to translate the energy and non-stop pace of what an agency feels like during a pitch into each episode, then they've got something.

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