Tuesday, June 18, 2013

the demise of Google Reader. what's a girl to do?

(No, seriously. What should I do?)

While I don't always write blog posts often, it doesn't mean I don't read all of yours!

But I usually do it through Google Reader. But it seems that relationship will soon be ending, and there's nothing I can say about it.

So I ask you, my fellow bloggers, what's the best way to keep up with my blogs one Reader goes buh-bye?


Anonymous said...

I also wasn't sure what to use..then I discovered "Feedly", which imports all your google reader subscriptions.
Works great - I'd almost go as far to say it's better than Reader!

your invisible pixie said...

I started using "the old reader" which is almost exactly the same as googlereader. It's based on the same design, even.