Wednesday, September 5, 2007

A Tribute To The King

No, not THE King.

The Falafel King. One of my favorite lunch places in Boston.

The owner was this crazy Middle Eastern Man who winked at the women and yelled at the men (think Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi). If you smiled at him he’d give you a falafel dipped in hummus to munch on while you waited in line. The place shared building space with a convenience store, so you could get a scratch tickets with your chicken shawarma.

I am forever trying to replace all of my beloved lunch places now that I’ve left the city for the boring burbs. So today I took a drive and found this little falafel place up the road. It was pretty good. The King would have been proud.

So now I’m on a mission to find delicious replacements for:

• Big Al’s Chicken Salad Sub – big chunks of chicken, tangy mayo and, OMG, that bread was amazing!

• Archie’s Lowfat Turkey Salad – this was only available on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and was in such high demand that people would place their lunch order for it when they got their morning coffee (because Archie’s more than likely would run out by noon).

• Wong’s Spicy String Beans – where DID they find those gorgeous green string beans in the middle of the winter?

But with today’s great find I feel a sense of accomplishment.

Or maybe that’s just indigestion.

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