Friday, January 4, 2008

Me. Making A Big Deal About Nothing.

So, I just called to see if my nail/eyebrow place had any openings for a manicure tomorrow. Last minute, I know, but I'm not picky about the time or the person.

ME: "Hi, I was wondering if you had any open appointments tomorrow for just a manicure."

(When I'm trying to get something, whether it be an appointment or whatever, I always diminish it with "just". As in, "Can you give us separate checks? Just 9 of them. Thanks!") ((BTW, I'm NEVER that person with the split checks. That was just an example.))

HER: "Sure. How about 3:30? With Nicole?"

ME: "Sounds great."

HER: "Can I have your name?" it is...I give her my name and she sort of chuckles/laughs/smiles/recognizes it.

HER: "Oh! I know who this is."

WTF did she mean by that?

So of course we hang up, and I analyze her tone of voice and its hidden meanings.

Here's what I have so far:

A. "Oh! I know who THIS is." (It's that super-nice girl with the great eyebrows!)

B. "Oh! I know who THIS is." (It's that high-maintenance bitch who takes forever to pick an appointment time!)

C. "OH! I know who this is." (Couldn't place the voice at first, but now I got it!)

D. "Oh! I know who this is." (Oh! I know who this is.)

(sometimes my mind is my own worst enemy)

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