Friday, October 1, 2010

living the clean life

The worst thing about trying to sell your house, is keeping it CLEAN 24/7 for showings.

We're lucky that we've had many requests for showing, but with people coming through here 3-4 times a week, we are constantly putting things away, vacuuming and making the bed. I mean, who lives like that?

And because I'm afraid of being robbed during a showing, I've also started living out of my car. I packed all of my "valuables" - jewelry, ipod, safety deposit box - in lucite shoe boxes so that I can grab them each morning and put them in my trunk. Most of the time I forget to take them out every night, so the walkers and joggers who go buy our house every morning have the pleasure of watching me accessorize in the driveway.

But it wasn't all for nothing. We received an offer on our house! This specific couple came back to see our house THREE times, the third time bringing their contractor with them to see if it was feasible to put on an addition.

Our real estate agent said to us, "Who would've thought that your crazy neighbors and their construction of an addition would actually help you sell your house???"

Fingers crossed it all works out. They have to sell their house before they can buy ours (Hubbard Clause that they wouldn't get rid of), but we can keep showing our house and accepting other offers.

On a side note: it's monsooning out and our kitchen cabinets are being delivered to the new house, about a month before we need them. Today ought to be fun!


Tasha said...

That's great news about your potential buyers! I hope they can sell their house so you guys can sell yours! Yay! Yay! Yay!

Tommiegurl said...

One day, when I grow up I want to live the clean life!! ***sigh**