Saturday, October 9, 2010

a perfectly sane analogy

If you're new here, you might not know that my beloved Mac was taken from me when I left my horrid job. And for those of you that are old hat to this blog, well, you're sick of hearing about it.

But I'm not sick of talking about it.

That's why conversations like THIS happen at the KK household.

Setting: at the dining room table, both KK's staring at Mr. KK's tortoise-moving PC.

KK: "I need a Mac."

MR. KK: "We can't afford a Mac right now. This computer is just fine."

KK: "It sucks."

MR. KK: "It's fine." (He knows, that I know, that he knows, it's NOT fine)

KK: "You just don't understand. It's like...if someone took your lawn mower away from you, and you came home and I gave you a pair of scissors. And I was like, 'Hey, I know this will be frustrating, and it will take a lot longer, but it will get the job done!'."

I make a scissor motion with my fingers towards Mr. KK's head to get my point across.

MR. KK: ((blank stare)) "What is wrong with you?"


Sullygirl said...

LMAO...I know that blake stare, but in my house it's "WHAT are you TALKING about"?
Ugh, men!

Ciara said...

I have a Mac. My husband has a Mac. I use a PC for work. I hate my PC.

I give you permission to continue to lament the loss of your Mac until Mr. KK gives in to your very reasonable request.

You can tell him I made my husband carry our 27 inch Mac desk top as his luggage when we moved to Turkey from the Pacific Northwest.

He didn't need that bag full of clothing anyway. At least not in the way that I needed my Mac!