Saturday, January 22, 2011

Would you want to know?

I found a great web design candidate the other day on LinkedIn. Via email, we set up an interview for Thursday.

The last email I received from the candidate read:

"The form has been filled out. I look forward to meeting you tomorrow at 1.

On an important note, I wish to be upfront: I don't hear too well. I read lips and communicate just fine in a quiet setting. Asides from phones, it's hardly an issue in the workplace."

Now of course the only thing I could stress about was how I was going to interview this candidate, knowing he was hard of hearing? What if I caught myself talking louder? What if I made an idiot of myself?

On the other hand, was it better to know so I was prepared?

Would YOU want to know???

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GlitterFactory said...

i don't hear well myself. but i would rather let someone know in the moment than give them prior warning!

ChristyLove said...

Maybe he's underexaggerating it because it *IS* an issue, and isn't sure how to go about it keeping him from getting another job?