Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Apparently, Siri can't write blog posts for you.

But she can do just about everything else! I was BEYOND thrilled when the day came that I traded in my crackberry for the sleek iPhone more phone resetting itself 6 times a day, or re-sending me emails from 3 months ago, or giving me error messages.

So to have not only this fantastically sleek new phone, but it came with a teeny tiny personal assistant inside? Sign me up!
(rest in peace, Steve Jobs, you were a true innovator)

Besides ooing and aaahing over my new phone, I've been struggling with a pressing question:

Are there any dish towels out there that actually DRY dishes? I don't mean 'move the water around' or 'leave lint behind'. I mean, truly dry the dishes, so that I could just put them in the cabinet instead of "drying" them, then setting them out to actually dry over night.

Other thoughts of note:

I'm taking the day Friday to head to NYC for the BlogHer Writer's Conference. I'm hoping to find my inspiration to get the old novel written and published. I'm supposed to go with an 'elevator pitch'. Funny thing is, I've been literally living the story for the last8 years, yet I don't even know how to begin to describe it. Perhaps I'll take the one-liner from this blog - "you can't make this shit up" - and run with it.

I don't want to jinx it, but we are FINALLY FINALLY FINALLY going to buy a new Mac for KK! Seriously, between that and the iPhone, it's a wonder I can sleep at night!

That's all for now, I'm hungry.

Siri! Make Mama some dinner!

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Little Ms Blogger said...

Did you have fun at BlogHer? Maybe you should participate in Nano (?) -ya know the write a novel in one month in November. I'm going to really be disciplined about it this year.

Don't give up. I just went to a book launch party for a high school friend who got her first book, Black Elephants, published. It's a great read and I'd highly recommend it.