Wednesday, October 5, 2011

where i've been.

Being an only child means a few things: you probably got what you wanted for Christmas growing up, you're not awesome at sharing, and you go on vacation with your parents.

The latter is true for us. (Some say all 3 are true, but they're just jealous!) Each year we go on a family vacation - just us and both sets of parents. I have to say, it's nice that our parents get along, and we're all so close. Really close.

This year, we took our family vacation across the country to Napa Valley. In a word: paradise. Mr. KK and I went on our honeymoon 6 years ago (or 5 years ago if you ask him), and we fell in love then. I spent WEEKS researching and putting together a kick-ass itinerary (which, I have to say, worked out marvelously. If you're planning a trip, I'm happy to share it!).

The sign of a good vacation is when you come home saying things like, "I want to move to Napa", "We could totally afford a $2MM winery" and "How hard could picking grapes be??".

We took almost 700 photos on our trip (caution: nerds with a new-ish camera!). Instead of boring you with the details, I've randomly selected 5 photos to share. I'm happy to say, the photo of both sets of parents in the shower together did NOT make the cut (don't ask).

Vacation would not have been fun if we were in 2 cars! Instead, we cruised the valley in one big car, which called for the "tush push" to get the unlucky traveler into the WAAAY back.

One of my favorite photos from the trip. Look how happy we look! I never look like that at work!

Did I mention the part about wanting to move to Napa? I could deal with this view every day.

We visited Mr. KK's aunt and uncle while in Cali. These are actual lemons that grow on their tree. No joke - they are the size of grapefruit!

We went on a hot air balloon ride! When in Napa, right?

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Tasha said...

Your vacation sounds wonderful! The pic with you guys and the parents is so cute! I really want to do a trip to Napa/Sonoma someday!

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