Wednesday, February 15, 2012


I don’t want you to think crazy shit only happens to me at home.

Of course not.

Let’s review the fun facts of my business trip thus far.

I’m traveling on Valentine’s Day.

I’m spending 48 hours in LA. 14 of those hours are travel time.

My personal little JetBlue TV (my saving grace for this long flight; 6 whole hours of KK time with movies, The Food Network and BRAVO) stopped working an hour into the flight. The minute we landed, however, the TV popped back on.

During the flight, I somehow still had the TV audio. So I did what any resourceful girl would do. I found the channel that my non-English speaking neighbor was watching and tuned in. So for an hour I slyly leaned left and watched ‘Two And A Half Men’ re-runs (painful).

Then, she fell asleep. And ‘Star Trek The Movie’ started, and I began having crazy thoughts like: ‘can I get away with changing the channel on her TV without her noticing?’ I mean, Star Trek??

Not to mention the businessman sitting in the aisle seat. He had a perfectly fine TV that he didn’t watch one minute of the flight! What a waste!

The car rental counter proved even more fun. After waiting in line for a half hour, I was given my car – the last car in the last row of the big dark lot. I arrive to spot 956, which – of course- was empty. No car.

I trudge back inside to customer service. Twenty more minutes. A replacement car. Finally.

Cut to the hotel – which is in Marina Del Rey on the water and very nice. I’m up at the ungodly hour of 4:13am (7:13am to me!) when the power goes out.

Pitch black.

No air.

No lights.

No way to shower or do my hair.


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