Friday, May 29, 2009

On the Fresh Prince, cheesesteaks and a big old bell

It's almost time for the 35th Birthday Trip with the girls!

And in case you didn't get it from my super-awesome clues, we're going to Philly!

Trip participants: kk, T and D
Trip dates: June 10-14

First stop: Atlantic City. We're spending a night in old AC, in the glitz and glamour of the Jersey Shore. It doesn't get more exciting than this. The best part? We found a room at Trump's place for $39. The Donald would be happy knowing that that's the cheapest I've ever paid for a hotel room in my whole life. (Did I mention that number will be divided by 3? Yep. $13 for a night of fun filled with taffy, shredded T-shirts and smoky octogenarians.

Next up: Philly, baby!

We don't have a definite itinerary, but here's what I know is on tap:

The Pop Shop for grilled cheese – this place is in NJ and was on Throwdown with Bobby Flay...31 different types of grilled cheese!

Pat's and Geno's for cheesesteaks – T and I can't wait! (D doesn't eat meat...her loss!) We'll each get one from the two places and do halvsies to see which one should be named king. Cheese Wiz here I come!

The Liberty Bell (and all things historical)

Red Sox vs. Phillies – yep, we got tickets. It wasn't easy, but we'll be there. And thanks to D, we even have special shirts to wear to the game. (We'll be the 3 girls dressed alike on the top row. I'll be the one glued to my seat with Vertigo.)

The Mutter Museum – a President's colon, conjoined twins in a jar and famous facial moles? Sign me up! (This one's for you, D! You know how much T and I are not fans of museums...especially ones with body parts).

Betsy Ross's House – T has been talking about going here ever since we decided to go to Philly. Maybe it's her love of crocheting?

That's just the beginning of the fun.

The three of us haven't been on vacation together in quite some time...

Philly will never be the same!


Tasha said...

Your trip sounds like SO much fun! That's an awesome deal on your hotel room! It leaves lots of money left over for drinks. ;-)

Miss Rosa said...

Can I come? :)

The Sorority said...

What a great trip!!! Have the best time and you must tell all when you get back!

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