Saturday, May 16, 2009

Why we shouldn't cut school funding

Setting: check out, Mohegan Sun Casino

The bill comes to $201.60

Mr. KK hands the girl $202

She takes out a calculator.

No effing joke.


The Sorority said...

You can't make that shiz up KK! That is equal parts awesome and sad!

PS - my non blogger husband was standing behind me as I just read this read this entry (he is a math dude) and his exact phrase was - "How could she not make change? I don't understand."

This only made me laugh harder!

edder said...

Oooooh! LOLOL....I just got this. Duh.

I have a rather tragic case of dyscalcula, so my brain went automatically to "well, yeah...change from a $20....carry the one....nope, I need a calculator. Give the girl a break."


merely me said...

Everyone knows it's twenty-nine!!!!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Ha! How was Joel!?

FunnyGal KAT said...

That's when you say, "Keep in the change!" in a tone that implies she's about to be realllllly rewarded. Then you grab your stuff and get out before she finishes doing the math.

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