Tuesday, May 26, 2009

On hating the weather channel, needing a bigger fridge and getting salt in the wound

I believe this is the longest I've gone without posting since I was a newbie blogger. And I have to say, I missed it!

Imagine The Best Of SNL, and then apply it to my life. So I present to you, the snippets, quips and comments from the long holiday weekend.

First off, we hosted a big Memorial Day bash. Mr. KK fondly remembers big family picnics from when he was young, and was thinking we could replicate those times in our very own backyard.

That was followed by Memorial Day Party Part Deux, with our families to eat some of the tons of leftovers we had from the day before.

That was followed by me having to COME INTO WORK on Monday (Memorial Day, national holiday for all you playing at home).

Number of different ways we got the word out: 4 (facebook event invite, evite for those people not on facebook, regular email for those that ignore evite and verbal invitations to those over the age of 85)

Number of hours I spent glued to The Weather Channel memorizing the 'Local on the 8's' forecast: 11

Number of pounds of pulled pork I made: 18 (yes, 18. no joke)

Number of trips to the vet for Vito's gross green eye goop: 1

Number of tents in the yard: 4

Number of guests at the party: 54

Number of salads and side dishes people brought: 13

Number of love connections at the party: 1, between Christian and Lilly. (Phone numbers were exchanged. They are both 5.)

Number of minutes it rained: 3 (thank god)

Number of items Mr. KK's friend J gave up on his diet: 4 ("I just cut out bacon, cheese, mayo and bread.")

Number of refrigerators I have: 1

Number of refrigerators I could have used: 2

Number of mosquito bites: 3

Number of broken chairs: 1 (my father-in-law went right over!)

Number of beer pong games: 27 (I was 3-1)

Number of items that caught on fire: 1 (Desi, those jeans are flammable!)

Number of overnight guests: 6

Number of hot dogs consumed: 1 (my quota for the year)

Number of people under the age of 8 at our house: 13 (a record!)

Number of beers too many Mr. KK had: 2

Number of times someone uttered the phrase "You have way too much food!" to me: 367

Number of roads on Monday I COULDN'T drive down to get to work because they were closed for the parade: 4

Number of times I wanted to cry due to said road closures: 17

Number of hours I spent at work that turned out to be a waste of time: all of them

Number of diets I'm starting after the weekend: 3

I'm back, blogosphere! Missed ya!


Miss Rosa said...

Sounds like a yummy weekend, at least:)

The Sorority said...

Why on earth did you have to work on a holiday???

Sounds like a fab party - am so crashing next year!

Jessica said...

Love it. I could totally picture the event in my mind! Great times, I'm sure.

Lori said...

We had a 4th of July party. Once. In 1997. I shall never attempt such insanity again.

My word verification says "dograp," which is only one letter short of "dogcrap." Appropriate.

Facebook. If I can find you, expect a friend invite.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

That party sounds like SO MUCH FUN. But then again, all of your events sound like SO MUCH FUN!

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