Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Breaking News: Kate has a new hairdo!

I mean, really?

This is big news?

WAAAAAAY before all of this drama of Kate, I used to like to watch Jon and Kate Plus 8. Actually, it was more like watching a train wreck, I just couldn't look away as these two parents were dealing with 8 children.

But then I stopped watching (mainly because I started watching better shows, like Top Chef, Project Runway and Pregnant at 16) and soon after that, the show started to slip and the rumors about Kate sexing up Mr. Peterman – I mean, her bodyguard – and Jon banging every single woman in Pennsylvania started making headlines.

So then it was Team Jon vs. Team Kate, they alternated being "victims" in the media, and now it seems that Kate is rising to the top. In fact, she was on The View yesterday, sporting her new haircut:

I'll admit, she looks less like a shrew. More like a school girl. Maybe Jon will want to sleep with her again?

What do you think of Kate's new 'do???


FunnyGal KAT said...

I think it makes her look kind of old, but still a big improvement over the long-on-one-side, spiked-in-back thing she had going on. I watched the show this week (I know, I know...) and she comes off as struggling and trying to do what's best for her kids while Jon comes off as a total douche. It seems like she's trying to be a bit classy about the whole thing, while he goes on television to talk about hating her.

(I can't believe I'm pontificating about Jon & Kate Plus 8. I need a life...)

Miss Rosa said...

Big improvement. Makes her look less bitter and hard, more personable!

Little Ms Blogger said...

A very big improvement, but really, could it have been worse?

edder said...

I think it's some publicist's way of trying to present her in a softer light. The spiky reverse mullet is hard and unbalanced, know what I'm sayin'?

Btw, that 'do was the #1 spot on my "Four Haircuts of the Apolocalypse" post. Ughff.

tracey said...

even though Kate comes off as a tyrant with crazy hair I'm still Team Kate. Jon just keeps digging his own hole and this weeks episode doesn't make him look much better. And how could you go on Dateline and say you "despise kate". does he think that makes him look any better? Dude, enough with the Ed Hardy T's, I just love how TLC blurs them out when he wears them!

merelyme said...

So SAD that I didn't know who Kate was until your previous post about her hair! I'm like, "Who the hell is Kate?" Now. I. Know. Hair? Whatever! It grows!

I totally agree with LMB too.

Swishy said...

Not a big fan ... the old one would be fine if she would just COMB DOWN the back!