Thursday, September 24, 2009

girl has dream, girl follows dream, girl's dream comes true

Last night I (finally) saw Julie & Julia.

And, like the rest of the free world, I was starving when the movie ended. I wanted to run home and whip up some boeuf bourguignon and crack open a nice full-bodied red with Mr. KK.

As far as the movie goes, I really enjoyed it. It was light-hearted and fun, and made me laugh out loud a few times, too.

Meryl Streep, not surprisingly, was a wonderful Julia. Her pitch and one was so spot-on and contagious, that we all left the theater speaking "Julia-ese" – and not too quietly either!

But there was something else about the movie that really struck me. A sort of "hey, I can do that" sort of feeling, not too unlike the notion I had after reading Shelter Me.

Here was a girl who was sick of her job (check!), wanted to be a writer (check!) and did something about it (silence).

She just started writing. She created a blog, actually. Way back in 2002, before blogging was the new black. She didn't quit her job. She found the time to do what she wanted to do. And it wasn't easy. Or all fun and roses. But she stuck with it. And she did it.

Why the hell can't I do that? I think I probably can. I think I can write and still work long hours. But I can't have excuses anymore. I need to buckle down and dedicate myself.

In celebration of my epiphany, these excuses will no longer be accepted as to why I'm not writing my novel:

  • I'm tired
  • I worked late
  • Ellen is on American Idol
  • I'm in a food coma
  • My computer is all the way downstairs
  • I have to clean the house
  • I have to walk Vito
  • I found a new gray hair
  • The vodka is calling my name
  • I'm spying on my neighbors
  • It's raining
  • My magazines are begging to be read
  • Dirty Dancing is on TV (again) (RIP, Patrick)
  • I have to exercise (lie)
  • My fingers are tired
  • My brain is tired
  • My brain isn't working
  • Vito won't let me
  • Vito ate my laptop
So with TWO inspirational influences this week (the movie and my book), it's time to get writing.

(Yes, I've said this before.)
((This time I MEAN it))


Little Ms Blogger said...

Have you ever thought of using a mini tape recorder while you drive to work to record your book. It's not typing, but just as effective.

Lori said...

You KNEW I'd comment, right? ;-)

Go, KK! We can go on a book tour together! (But I still want to know what sort of novel you're writing!)

Yesterday, I ended my month-long hiatus from my manuscript, so I could start re-writes with a fresh perspective. Now I'm back in writer-mode, too, which (unfortunately) means a return to insomnia. But I have to do this so I can get it sent out again, headed toward publication.

kk said...

LMB: funny you should say that, I have a little voice recorder in my car. I've never used it, but I should really start, especially since I write blog posts and novel excerpts "out loud" while I'm driving!

Lori: Yes, I did know! Right now I'm torn between starting my fiction novel over that I lost when my computer bit the dust last fall (I think I have about 30 pages in an email somewhere...a lot less than the 150 that I had...), and a memoir. Both have promise, neither will get written if I don't get my ass in gear, tho!
Good luck with yours...any word from an agent?

Tasha said...

Good luck with the writing! Personally, I think "the vodka is calling" is a completely acceptable excuse. ;-)

Lori said...

I haven't sent out more submissions yet, till I finish these dang re-writes. I hope to get the "tricky" chapter fixed today!