Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ranting and Raving from the Windy Cindy

Every Wednesday Little Ms Blogger posts her rants and raves.

Today, I'm following her lead and posting mine.

(Warning: I'm in a foul mood)

RANT: I've spent the last 3 days in Chicago with coworkers whom I don't, um, love.

RAVE: 12 hours from now I will be home with Mr. KK and Vito

RAVE: Mr. KK got a promotion at work!

RANT: And I wasn't there to celebrate with him!

RAVE: Next week is my birthday!

RANT: And...I will be traveling for work on my big day.

RAVE: Very big, yummy, expensive room service breakfast...on my company's bill.

RANT: The girls at the ad agency we're working with constantly referring to The Radisson Hotel as 'the Raddy'.

And I'd like to add my own category here:

WEIRDED OUT: My super-toothy room service guy was overly excited to deliver my breakfast. And then called 20 minutes later to ask me how it was.

Happy Wednesday!

1 comment:

Little Ms Blogger said...

You have a secret admirer -- maybe, if he knows it's your birthday next week, you'll get an extra flower on your room service cart.