Tuesday, April 20, 2010

why is everyone incompetent?

If I call you on the phone AT YOUR PLACE OF BUSINESS, and ask you questions ABOUT YOUR PLACE OF BUSINESS, do you really think it's appropriate to answer me with a HUFFY SIGH?

I'm sorry if you hate your job. Hey, I'm not crazy about mine. But when a CLIENT asks me a question, I put on a smile and give them 110%...and an answer. BECAUSE IT'S MY JOB.

Unless, of course, "complaining", "sighing" and "mumbling under your breath" are – in fact – IN your job description.

Then, by all means...please send a job application my way.

PS: Other skills I could master to be a part of your team include – but are not limited to:

• eye-rolling
• making "ticking" sounds with my tongue on my teeth
• rudeness
• finding my nails more exciting than patients
• passing the buck
• putting in only 37%
• acting as if the place couldn't run without me
• being zero help whatsoever

1 comment:

GirlMystery said...

Don't forget taking lots of "sick" days. I am sure a business with the "don't go get 'em" spirit will appreciate people who take lots of time off. :)