Friday, July 8, 2011

reason #237 why I'd be a bad mother

We're trying something new.

In preparation for our big vet trip in just one hour, I just gave him a Tranquilizer for the first time.

And I cried the whole time.

As bad as prior vet trips have been - muzzling him until he looks like Hannibal Lecter, hearing him squeal bloody murder when the doctor so much as looks at him, and - my personal favorite - Vito pooping himself in fear - they seemed tame compared to the thought of giving prescribed narcotics to my little boy.

I'm paranoid! I drugged my dog! What's going to happen to him? Is he going to all of sudden pass out? Slurring his bark? Demand brownies and potato chips?

Me + medicine + children = probably not a good idea.

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traceybear said...

did u have to give it to him in a food his mother????

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