Friday, October 10, 2008

Just One More Reason Why I Hate That I Have To Work Everyday

Giada DeLaurentis of Food Network fame, is doing a meet and greet book signing at a bookstore in CT today!

I LOVE Giada!

Because of my weird obsession with The Food Network, I have also turned my father-in-law and my dad into big Giada fans as well. (I'm not quite sure how much of a culinary education they are getting, however, since my father will usually comment more on Giada's tight tops than her tortellini.)

If I couldn't be there, I had to have some member of the family represent. So my in-laws are going today to meet Giada (jealous!).

Last night both sets of parents were over for dinner (I'm the one that likes to cook! I should meet Giada!) and this was the conversation:

DAD: "So you think she'll be wearing one of her low-cut shirts?"

FATHER-IN-LAW: "I'm hoping she's wearing NO shirt!"

They laugh like two teenage boys.

(insert Mom and Mother-in-law eyerolling)

I'm worried my father-in-law might try to kidnap Giada, and we'll have to explain where there's a topless Food Network star in our basement.


Lori said...

Tight tops and tortellini... excellent alliterative tie-in! :-)
Maybe they'd like her even better if they did a LITERAL "Naked Chef," and she was it.

Andy said...

OK, sadly, I think like your dad. Because she always has cleavage showing, for no real reason. And I can't look away. She plays it perfectly- just show enough to make them want to come back. Plus, she likes Radiohead.

BillyWarhol said...

LOLLLLL a friend just mentioned her*

Sex + Souffles Sell*******

;)) Peace*

Muffy Willowbrook said...

Giada is not only a great cook, but effortlessly gorgeous, too. Have you noticed that?! And how can she stay so teeny tiny? NOT FAIR.

Her hubbs is like some fashion executive, too.

Is a great cook AND gets cool clothes?!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Aw wow! Too bad you didn't get to go! I love Food Network, it is on my TV 24/7. Giada is so great. I love how polite and quaint she seems. I wish she would come to my hometown! I just joined her website/email list. You should too, it was just updated and really informative and fun!

(Sorry for the late post...I'm just catching up from last week)