Monday, October 20, 2008

Ten Things I Hate About Today

1. It’s already Monday
(I’m not ready for Monday, I still have some Saturday and Sunday things to finish, like laundry, napping and TV watching)

2. There was frost on my car
(It’s way too early for winter, naked trees and frozen boogers)

3. My job
(Anyone have a need for a sometimes funny/always competent writer? Anyone?)

4. The blemish on my chin
(What am I? 15???)

5. My lunch? Was a Lean Cuisine
(Need I say more?)
6. I said no to the job in NYC
(Just couldn't hack the 4-hour-a-day commute)

7. My boxes of winter clothes are just sitting in my bedroom, taunting me
(Pants: "Don't you wish you could wear me? Hear the swoosh of my wide wale all day long?")

8. It’s almost 5pm and I didn’t get anything done
9. My feet hurt
(My feet are in shock – it's hard getting accustomed to closed-toe shoes again!)
10. It’s only Monday

A more upbeat, weekend-recapping post to come tomorrow. Promise!


tryingtofigureitout said...

11. i woke up to a big ass pile of leaves in my yard. i think i will leave them, call them 'fall decor'

12. my husband didn't think that i should drink my coffee 'with a little something extra to warm me up' before I went to school this morning... (I think my patients in the hospital would have appreciated the bigger smile the 'warm up' in my coffee would have brought)


Swishy said...

I was SO PISSED that there was frost this morning!!! And I have a zit on my forehead, so we are twins :)

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Mondays officially suck. I am lucky enough to be in school again, and therefore only work on Tuesdays and Thursdays...but I do remember those awful, never-ending Mondays.'s Tuesday now! I hope your week only gets better!