Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Operation: Fit Back Into My Favorite Pants

I plan to do this two ways:

1. More exercise

2. Fewer french fries


Lori said...

Only way I could do this is if we somehow cure PMS. Today: Pizza. Malt (and subsequent sugar overdose). Frozen Mexican dinner. At least two snacks, and possibly a second dinner remain.

merely me said...

Have you had those frozen microwave 99cent fries? Phenom - They are a major brand and very easy and delish!

(I say this as I am oozing from my blouse - had to wear a sweater to hide the gaps.)

ulee06 said...

hi..! thank's for your comment and comming at dcafecoffe. have a nice day

just a girl... said...

1. Use the ab lounger
2. Less Wine