Wednesday, December 3, 2008

December's Top 10

The craziest/busiest/most expensive month of the year has just begun!

Here are 10 things I have to look forward to this month:

  1. Celebrating my good health. Four years ago today I was lying in a hospital bed, recuperating from major surgery, congratulating myself for beating cancer. The best Christmas gift ever.
  2. Gaining weight. It’s inevitable. And it’s not even from the cookies and desserts; it’s from the meals and martinis. I still haven’t lost the weight I gained LAST December. I'm pacing myself.
  3. Annual Christmas cookie making with Mom. This is a tradition we started last year. Being Year 2, and knowing how my mother is once she gets something in her head, I shouldn’t have been as surprised as I was when she started asking in September what cookies I wanted to make this year.
  4. Client dinners. Last night was my first of the season, and I was a little nervous, as this same dinner had turned out disastrous last year. I suggest you click that link. It will make the fact that we had the SAME EXACT BUS DRIVER this year even more hilarious.
  5. Buying a gift for my mother. Before I even BUY her a gift, I know she will return it. Even if it’s something she’s asked for, she will STILL return it. And then she will want it two months later.
  6. Getting the tree! I LOVE getting the tree! Last year I thought it would be a good idea to bring Vito with us. Having him there made picking out a tree even easier, because we could rule out all the ones he peed on.
  7. New Year’s Eve. In a word: over-rated. To quote myself (every year): “THIS year we’re staying home.”
  8. Christmas Eve! My favorite eating holiday of the year! If I had to pick one reason why I love being Italian, December 24 is it! (Feasting on all those delicious fishes!)
  9. Those leggy Rockettes! Yes, I’m braving the crowds and going to see the Christmas Spectacular at Radio City. It’s been years since I’ve been and I’m SO excited to be a total tourist: see the tree in Rock Center, eat a dirty water dog, get pushed around by mean New Yorkers.
  10. Getting sick. How could it not happen? I will be running myself ragged over the next 3 weeks…all play and no rest makes for a very tired KK.
Hope everyone has something wonderful to look forward to this month!


Andy said...

Thank you for saying New Year's is overrated. It truly, truly is...

And that's such good, heartwarming news about you beating cancer.

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I had no idea you beat cancer...congratulations (albeit I'm a few years late)!!!!