Monday, December 1, 2008

What? The Hills Isn't Really Real?


Admittedly, I am a late-comer to this party. I know just about everyone who watches The Hills knows that this "reality" show is scripted.

And I knew this. Deep down, I agreed. But there was always a little part of me – call it silly hope, naivete or too many martin
is – that needed to see proof with my own eyes to totally be convinced.

Consider me there.

These are shots from a recent episode when Lauren, Lo and Holly are standing around the kitchen island talking about how malicious Speidi kicked Holly out of their apartment. (I mean, who would want to live with them anyway? Do they leave the house, EVER? Does he work? What does he do all day? Perfect his evil eye?)

Do you remember the movie Pretty Woman? In the restaurant scene when the cup of sorbet kept appearing and reappearing in front of Richard Gere and Julia Roberts?

Check out this similar scene – with a wine glass and our deer-in-headlights friend, Lo – proving that this poignant scene, and the entire dramatic show, was w
ell the editing room.

Here we see Lo (as we're reminded who she is!) sitting at the counter, without a glass of wine.

Next shot: Lo opens up to say something brilliant (such as "Yeah" or "Hey" or "Mmm-hmm") and miraculously there's a nice glass of red in front of her.

Wide shot: No glass in front of Little Lo. (Um, can we just take a moment to be jealous of that amazing kitchen that they never cook in???)

Lo and behold, the glass of vino is back!

Two points for consistency! Lo clutches her wine in suspense as Holly bad-mouths Spencer and his weird flesh-colored beard.

Shocked that Holly could be so mean-spirited, Lo completely forgets that she's supposed to be drinking a glass of wine. (She also forgets her name and where she is.)

Alas! We end the scene with a troubled Lo, who has found her wine glass but not her dignity.


Andy said...

I made fun of The Hills on my blog before, and was greeted with hostility. I appreciate your bravery.

Tipsy Nikki said...

I too used to hold some mild belief that this show is "real". But then I watched an episode where Audrina said something totally random completely forgetting her line. There's also how the supporting people are always asking too many questions or bringing up something out of the blue as if someone told them to do that. Seriously, I mock this show but if someone paid me to do a mock reality show I'd be all for it.

The One and Only Kristy J said...

i can't stand that show. i tried to watch it several times and just couldn't wrap my head around the fact that either these people really are that stupid or they should get better writers.
but i do indulge in other forms of terrible tv.

Sarah Elizabeth said...