Friday, February 20, 2009

and thus, the early bird special was born

Happily and luckily, longevity runs in my family, as I still have 3 living grandparents.

My grandparents and my grandmother live next door to each other in a retirement building. They go to bingo nights together, go grocery shopping together and share the newspapers.
How frickin' cute is that?

My grandmothers – whom I just love to pieces – are these two little Italian ladies, who have shrunk down to about 4'9". Their hobbies include crocheting, reading and cooking. My grandfather's hobby is complaining.

Yesterday was my grandfather's 89th birthday, and today is my grandparents 60something anniversary.

To celebrate, my grandfather suggested that the three of them go out for dinner tonight to The Olive Garden, their favorite restaurant (they don't get out much).

Now, you have to understand a few things:
1. this is the first time in the 3 years that my grandparents have lived back here from California that my grandfather has suggested they go out to eat.
2. my grandfather wants to go out and celebrate HIS birthday, and use the gift card that I gave to my GRANDMOTHER for Christmas. Plus, he has a coupon.
3. my grandfather is cheap (see #2 above). I think I need to hide in the bushes so that when he leave his paltry tip for the waitress (whom he doesn't think EVER deserves a tip) I can swoop in and drop some cash on the table for her.

The best part of this whole birthday celebration, and what caused fits of laughter in my house last night, is that Grandmother 1 told Grandmother 2 to be ready to go at 4pm when they got back from the hairdresser!

4pm? That's like a late lunch!

Old people are just too cute.


Lori said...

I also seem to recall the Great Menu Debate from another visit to Olive Garden. Should be entertaining.

Tasha said...

How cute! Hey, you can't beat the Olive Garden! ;-) said...

KK - you have two awards on my blog!

here's the first, scroll down for the 2nd.