Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I tried to get Kate Winslet but she was busy... I guess I'll have to do my own award acceptance speech:


(I would be an award's show dream come true with my brevity)

a big thank you to Jen At Work for not one, but TWO fabu awards:

And a big welcome back and thank you to The Sorority for this cool accolade:

Thanks, Gals!
Love your blogs!

(btw, it took me TWENTY MINUTES to put this post together, because I suck at uploading photos. They all upload to the beginning of the post, then I can't move them, then I accidentally delete them, then I need to re-upload...)


The Sorority said...

Love you back KK! You totally rock Shoe Princess!!

Muffy's Bestie said...

THAT is exactly what happen to me when I was guest blogging for Muffy and load those suckers on. I would load one, take a look and think "well for crap-sake, I don't WANT it at the what." I feel your pain.

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