Friday, February 13, 2009

On the phone with Mom.

MOM: "I think we're going to watch a movie tonight."
KK: "That sounds like a good plan. What movie?"
MOM: "I just read that the Richard Gere movie is coming out of DVD – The Notebook."
KK: "What? You mean Nights In Rodanthe?"
MOM: "No. I mean The Notebook."
KK: "Mom, The Notebook came out years ago. We saw it on the plane on the way home from our honeymoon. Ryan Reynolds? Rachel McAdams? I know you saw it."
MOM: "I'm pretty sure the paper said The Notebook."
KK: "MOM, The Notebook doesn't even have Richard Gere in it!"
MOM: "I could have sworn..."
KK: "I think you mean Nights In Rodanthe. Richard Gere. Diane Lane. Hooking up in that gorgeous house on the water. Got bad reviews..."
MOM (ruffling papers): "Here it is." ((silence)). "Oh. It IS Nights In Rodanthe. It's by the author of The Notebook. Oh well, whatever. Probably won't even be in stock."

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Tasha said...

Too funny. That is exactly like the conversations I have with my mom. :-)