Friday, February 6, 2009

The worst word in the English language

Surprisingly, it doesn't begin with an "f", and it's not slang for a female body part.


It's the word "actually".

The definition for this word should be "backhanded compliment". Because that's all it really is.

Let me explain further with some real-life examples:

KK: "What do you think?"
COWORKER: "It's actually a good idea."
Translation: "Wow, I like that idea. And I am shocked that you came up with it. Usually your ideas are crap."

KK: "This is the dress I bought."
MOM: "That actually looks good on you."
Translation: "Normally that color would totally wash you out and the empire waist would make your hips look big, but for some reason it's working."

Actually, I thought this post would be better.


Little Ms Blogger said...

Actually, it turned out better than you thought it would.

Sorry, couldn't resist.....

I really do agree with you changing the definition of "actually" to backhanded compliment or shocked....

Shila Shila and Cult Jam said...


I never saw it that way before!!!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Loved this post. It is so true!