Sunday, April 5, 2009

Guiness Book Of World Shopping Records

I am trying to do my part by shopping and stimulating the economy. (Also, I need new clothes)

Yesterday I went to the Banana Republic outlet.

I purchased:

2 knit tops
1 pair of pants
1 cropped jacket
1 dress shirt (for Mr. KK)
1 sweater (for Mr. KK)
2 enamel bracelets (not for Mr. KK)

Grand Total: $110

Total Savings: $183

Am I the only one who feels a ridiculous high when I get good deals and save money?

On to the next store!


The Sorority said...

Nice work KK! I am desparate for clothes as well and have plans to hit the BR outlet near me as well. Will do the math and let you know how I did compared to you. You got yourself a helluva good deal!

Ahope said...

Nice. I'm so jealous!

edder said...

Good job! I LOVE a bargain!! I'm something of a consignment store junkie (read "My name is edder and I'm a bagaholic" if you haven't already done so). If you have a good one in your area you should totally check out the consignment angle.

The Sorority said...

Hey kk - have added you to the blogs I follow list! Just wanted you to know that I am officially stalking you - but only in the best possible way!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

I'm so happy you just mentioned the BR outlet. I was at BR yesterday looking for a suit, and wanted to spend a little less than they wanted me to spend. Thanks to you, I am now reminded that I have a BR Outlet 30 mins away! I know what I'm doing this weekend!