Friday, April 24, 2009

You know what's awesome?

Being totally tipsy at work.

A glorious, sunny warm Friday afternoon, and I've enjoyed a few cocktails.

Anywho, this weekend I'm headed back to the city to meet up with some of my old roommates from when I worked in Disney.*

Three of us are meeting up for a day in the city, and a fourth is meeting us for dinner. We're from up and down the East Coast, so it's really exciting to be seeing them again.

We had some crazy times down in Disney...from my 6 months down there, all I remember is jello shots before heading out to Cast Member Thursdays at Pleasure Island, nickel beers at Phineas Fogg's and $1 frozen drinks at Chillers downtown, and being completely wasted at midnight mass on Christmas Eve. (not one of my better moments)

The four of us haven't been in the same room since C's wedding in 2002.

I haven't seen G in 2 years.

I haven't seen C in 4 years.

And I haven't seen S in 7 years.

Imagine the Sex And The City Girls meeting for brunch, but instead of catching up on their week, they'll be catching up on the decade.

*Boy, do I have stories for YOU about'll never look at the Mouse the same way again...

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Sarah Elizabeth said...

What did you do for Disney?