Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jamie Foxx, it's over

I've blogged before about how difficult is it for me to break up with people, but this time around, I'm having no trouble whatsoever.

Bye Jamie. You're done. Finished. Gone-zo. I'm erasing you from my cell phone and de-friending you on FB.

You've basically annoyed me for quite some time now. I was with you when you were a comedian. But then that wasn't enough and you wanted to be an actor. And still, you pushed on and invaded the music world. And now? A mentor? Really? After you publicly have to apologize for the not-so-nice things you said about little Miley Cyrus?

I mentioned my dislike for Jamie over Sunday dinner and found out that I'm not the only one who's ready to call it splitsville with celebs.

Mr. KK has had enough of Beyoncee. He's tired of seeing her everywhere. (I'm not in total agreement with this...she doesn't bug me half as much as she bugs him).

Mr. KK's uncle, has called it quits with Matt Lauer. When everyone's wondering 'where in the world' he could be, I know my uncle-in-law isn't going to be one of those looking for him.

How about you? Any celebs that you just can't stand?


edder said...

I had to break up with Mel Gibson after his drunken, anti-Semitic rant. Was sad.

Tasha said...

I had to break up with Brad Pitt when he left Jennifer. I never really got what was so great about Angelina Jolie anyway. I think her lips are freaky looking.

Little Ms Blogger said...

Jamie Foxx is a mentor? I missed that news tidbit.

I openly admit I'm not a celeb news person, so I'm a little slow to hear what's going on.

I agree with edder. Mel Gibson is already parading his new gf around town (okay, read celeb gossip today). For such a family man, why is it reported that he's had a gf since last summer? Hypocrite.