Tuesday, April 21, 2009

when I'm hungry, i IM about food

this whole conversation with a coworker happened within one minute.

KK: i ate subway the other day
KK: my old veggie and cheese
KK: it was pretty good this time
KK: overstuffed
KK: with southwest chipotle sauce
KK: nice kick
CW: oooh
CW: never tried it with that
KK: extra pickles and jalapenos
KK: very tasty
CW: did they give you extra pickles?
KK: she did
KK: extra everything
KK: she could not have cared less about me or my sub
KK: and that's how she acted when making it
CW: but at least you got the pickles!
KK: yes
KK: plus a million sighs
KK: and eye rolls
KK: those are free too


Little Ms Blogger said...

kk have you been to Crumbs yet? If so, where the heck is it? Is it right before the bridge entering Westport?

Tasha said...

I LOVE Subway. Your post made me hungry!