Sunday, July 26, 2009

and I didn't even eat bananas

I had the strangest freaking dreams last night.

One in particular stood out, as it was the last one I had before waking up this morning.

I can rationalize some of it, but the rest...some crazy shit.

The dream:

My friend Tracey* and I are in NYC, and it's always nighttime, and it's always snowing**.

We are in the city for a dance recital that our boyfriends are starring in. (There are a few things wrong here: 1. i'm not married in my dream. 2. tracey doesn't have a boyfriend. 3. i'm pretty sure if we DID have boyfriends that danced in recitals, we'd break up with them.)

We don't want to stay for the whole show, we just want to catch the numbers our men are in. (This sounds a little more like us). So we ditch as much of the show as we can to go out to eat (Tracey's urgings) and to go shopping (my idea).

We realize we're late for the show, as we know their number is on at 9:20.

We are running through the streets of NYC, in the snow – me carrying a shopping bag – dogding horses (hansom cabs) and cars (taxis).

We get to the show, and the lobby is filled with people. Because we're late. And we've missed them. The performers start filing into the lobby to see their families and friends and receive large bouquets of flowers (which we do not have for our boyfriends).

Tracey finds her boyfriend (who resembles a Celtics player***) and I look around for my beloved. I can't find him anywhere.

I leave the auditorium through the back door and am on a quiet side street in the city (now I know it's a dream...) and I see him standing down the street...with a little child.

This child turns out to be HIS child (whaaaa?) and HE turns out to be...Michael Jackson! My boyfriend is Michael Jackson.

The end.

the explanations I can muster up:
*Tracey has been on my mind because she recently had some surgery.
**Yesterday I posed the question to Mr. KK wondering if we'd have a super snowy winter because we had such a rainy summer.
***Tracey lives in Boston.


Tasha said...

Too funny! That may be the most random dream in the history of all dreams. lol!

Stereos and Souffles said...

Was he wearing his nose? That might mean something.

The Sorority said...

I love the weird dream recap - I have them too and they always leave me scratching my head!

The MJ reference is too funny! Love all the random things coming together.

inkOBSESSIONdesigns said...

That is too funny and so random! It sounds like a dream I would have! :)

Life, Love And Lola said...

Were you drinking heavily before you went to sleep???