Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dear Piperlime,

There are people who buy shoes because they need to put something on their feet to leave the house, then there are those people who think shoes are a nice accessory.

And then there's me: the self-proclaimed shoe whore.

Piperlime, I LOVE shoes. LOVE them. I treat them like my children: they each have their own spot in the closet, facing the same way, arranged by color.

So you can imagine my delight when I squeezed a few minutes into my very busy day to peruse your gorgeous site and order a new pair of shoes.

And then, when I got the call from reception yesterday that I had a package, it was the bright light on an otherwise dark, long, bad day. I ran down the stairs to retrieve my new beauties.

And you can imagine my shock and utter horror to see THIS:

Did my package fall OFF the truck? And then did the drive throw the truck into reverse, back OVER my package, then play floor hockey with it, then toss it underfoot of an angry elephant, and then drop kick it into the reception area?

It's a good thing they didn't have the glass slippers in my size.




Little Ms Blogger said...

What did they look like when you took them out of the box? I'm hoping nothing remotely like the box they came in..

edder said...

Whadja get?!? *jumping up and down*

traceybear said...

here's my question: you mention you bought A pair of shoes....that box looks a LITTLE bigger than that. how many pairs did you end up with?

Emily said...

Maybe they threw in a free squirl and it was trying to claw its way out?

kk said...

LMB: I didn't take them out of the box yet...I think I'm afraid!

Edder: they are beautiful platform nude semi-round semi-pointy heels...they will go with everything!

TB: it's a BIG box...only 1 pair. I swear.

Emily: a live animal in the box may just sway me to NOT wear a new pair of shoes.

FunnyGal KAT said...

Oh my gosh, are the shoes OK?!? The shoes, think of the shoes! I hope they're alright!

merelyme said...

So the real question is how many people visited Piperlime after visiting your site?!

Admit it! I will. I heard about Boden from a blog. Now I am a Boden "B*tch!

Must. Post. Pictures! (Of shoes...not box!)

AND...a tad off the subject but I would sure as heck like to be seeing you kicking butt on F.N. than the "chefs" who are 'just appearing' on The Next... *sigh*

Tasha said...

I want to see shoe pictures!!! (assuming they survived the box bashing).

Swishy said...

Holy crap! But more important ... let's see the shoes!!!