Monday, May 10, 2010

the end of an era

In May of 1997, I bought my very first car: a green 2-door Toyota RAV 4. Sure, I had had other cars before, but this was the very first car I bought on my own.

The day my father and I went to pick it up, it was pouring rain. "It means 'good luck'," the salesman told us. What else would he tell us?

My new car had a CD player (oh yeah, I sprung for extras), and I had brought my Hootie and The Blowfish CD to make sure it worked.

Soon after purchasing the car, I moved up to Boston. And boy, was my little green RAV the perfect size for fitting into tight on-street parking spaces! She was mostly driven to and from Connecticut, but I loved her just the same. Double payments enabled me to pay her off early (because for some reason when I was single and going out of every night and making no money I had more money than I do now). And I truly OWNED her. ME. Not the bank.

A few more moves around Boston, and then finally a final move back to Connecticut. She was getting on in years, and my long commute didn't seem like a good fit for her. So Mr. KK drove her to his job 1.5 miles away (jealous!).

Then, Mr. KK's dad got a new pick-up truck, and gave Mr. KK his old one.

Now we had 3 cars, and only 2 drivers.

So the little RAV would sit in the driveway – undriven – while we drove the other 2 cars.

But it seemed silly to pay the insurance on all 3 cars. And when we mentioned to the mechanic we might think about selling her, he said his cousin was looking for a car for his daughter.

And then everything was moving so fast. And I was traveling a lot.

And then one night, while I was on a plane home from Detroit or Minneapolis or Chicago, Mr. KK took one last ride in the RAV before handing her off to her new owners.

And it ripped my heart out.

Mama will miss you.


Ink Obsession Designs said...

Awww...that is how I felt a couple of years ago when I handed over the keys to the first car I bought all on my own. Thankfully the car only went to my SIL, but still, it was so hard to see my little car drive away from home! :(

FunnyGal KAT said...

I understand how you feel. I, too, had a car that made A LOT of trips between Boston and Connecticut (although I did the reverse trip you did) and in its final year with us, the Pretend Husband drove her a lot more than I did. But it still hurt to give her up just shy of 200,000 miles. At least yours went to a good home-- mine was sold for parts!

Rebecca Watson said...

It's sad when you give up a car!

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Bren said...

I cried when I gave up my Jeep that I had paid off - by myself! Oh it was such a good vehicle - over 100,000 miles and I loved her!

Tasha said...

My best friend from high school drove a little green Rav4 and I loved it! I know what you mean about being emotionally attached to a car... when I traded my camaro I gave her a goodbye hug at the dealership and nearly cried. Yes, the salesman thought I was crazy. Did I care? No.