Monday, May 3, 2010

Dear Mall Of America,

I sort of made fun of you, saying things like "the mall can't be THAT big" and "it's just a mall".


You really ARE that big.

And while I was on a business trip and didn't really get to experience you the way I normally would have, I did have fun running around and riding roller coasters and marveling at your size.

I can now cross "visit ridiculously large mall that would take a week to shop" off my bucket list.


PS: you really did yourselves in hiring that guy who works at that MagicQuest place. He seriously thinks he's a jester. It's kinda creepy. He LOVES his job. In a way, I'm jealous of his zeal. (but not his ridiculous hat).


GlitterFactory said...

you were in minneapolis and i didn't get to see you????? sadface! next time, right? right?

Peterson Family said...

I have seen pics of the place but never been. It looks like my children would lose their minds there!

hotchildinthecity said...

sounds amazing! i want to go!

Lori said...

I'm with GlitterFactory! If you're coming back and have time, I will even break my heartfelt vow not to go back to MOA for at least 5 more years (I went 2 years ago) and we can have lunch and big-girl beverages!

GlitterFactory said...

i avoid the MOA like the plague as well, but it's a grand adventure once you've had some cocktails ;-)