Friday, May 21, 2010

sleeping with my mother

Last weekend I made a road trip to Northern Massachusetts for my friend Leroy's bridal shower. In tow with me were my mother and my mother-in-law. The three of us stayed together in one hotel room, because it seemed silly to get 2 rooms when we'd be so busy that we'd only use the hotel for sleeping.

Obviously, I slept with my mother (as it seemed odd to sleep with my mother-in-law, and ever weirder for MY mother to sleep with her). Before embarking on our trip I warned my mother: "MIL snores, just so you know."

"Please. I'm used to your father every night. It will be fine."

Ah, famous last words.

Now, I love my mother-in-law to death. But boy, could that woman saw wood!

My mother and I were able to get about 1.5 hours of sleep in the entire night.

After catching up on email from my phone, counting sheep and making mental lists of things I have to do in the next 5 years, I couldn't take it any longer.

KK: "Psst! Are you awake?"
MOM: "Yes, I'm awake."
KK: "I TOLD you she snored."
MOM: "No you didn't."
KK: "Yes I did. I said, 'MIL snores, just so you know.'"
MOM: "THIS isn't snoring. This is amazing."

five minutes later...

KK: "Hey."
MOM: "Shh!"
KK: "Shh? What? Am I going to wake you?"

seven minutes later...

MOM: "I should've brought my little blue pills."
KK: "There aren't enough blue pills in the world."

twenty minutes later:

KK: "Should I wear my hair up or down?"

twenty seven minutes later:

((Mom gets up and nudges MIL, and ends up scaring the crap out of her. MIL jumps up and yells "What?!"))

one hour later:

((KK giggling))

one hour and ten minutes later:

MOM: "Will you shut up?"
KK (still giggling): "Are you talking to ME?"

two hours later:

KK: "I'm going to be SO tired tomorrow."
MOM: "Try and go to sleep."
KK: "Oh! Good idea. Why didn't I think of that?"

three hours later:

KK: "Hey! The sun's coming up!"

three and a half hours later:

(MIL stops snoring for 20 minutes. I'm too stressed with the pressure of trying to fall asleep that I'm even more awake than I was before. Can't. keep. eyes. closed. Wait. I'm almost there. Yes! I feel sleep within my reach! Just give me five...more...minutes...SNORE! Dammit!)

five and half hours later:

(alarm goes off)

MIL: "Wow. I slept great!"


FunnyGal KAT said...

I had a night like that in college when my entire family attended a wedding and shared a hotel room. I swore I would never sleep in the same room as my dad again... and I've stuck to it. I'd rather spend the extra money and get a good night's sleep.

At least you and your mom could be miserable together!

Leesha-Rae said...

Hahaha...that is hilarious!

Anne Marie said...

Had the same experience with my parents during my graduation day. We have to put up in the same room as others are fully booked.

Its fun in a way though i woke up the next day with a bit of dark circle around my eyes....

and that is about 10 years ago...still gave me a curve of smile