Monday, May 10, 2010

speak your mind much?

I just finished listening to the woman across the hall from me rip the car dealership a new asshole. She was relentless. And scary.

(Part of me is like "go on with your bad self!" and part of me is rethinking if I've ever pissed her off...)

This past weekend Mr. KK and I were having "date night" out at a little bistro near our house. We were seated by the door – which was open – because there were diners outside and it was easier for the waitstaff to bring food in and out. However, Connecticut encountered 40 mph winds on Saturday night, and there were huge gusts of wind ripping through the restaurant. Finally, I asked if they could shut the door because we were shivering. They were totally fine with it and moved us to a new (warmer) table.

If it were up to Mr. KK, we would have sat there eating dinner with our coats on. But I just couldn't stand it any longer. We were PAYING to be there and we were uncomfortable.

What about you guys? Do you speak up when customer service is bad/something is bothering you?


Little Ms Blogger said...

Sure, but only after my food has arrived. I have a fear of them spitting in my meal if I make too much of a fuss.

FunnyGal KAT said...

I do, but I always try to be nice about it. And I make sure I seek out a manager to point out good service too since I think that's only fair.