Saturday, June 26, 2010


See that number up there?

That was my blood pressure yesterday afternoon. That little machine (and my body) must've known that I had the day off, which put me in an almost-coma state.

See what a hiatus from a stressful job could do to a girl?

I think it's also interesting that my BP was that low as I was sitting in a dentist chair, awaiting the last part of my dental implant surgery.

I take this to mean that I'd rather have Novocaine and someone cutting and scraping in my mouth than go to work.

And I'm sure the iced coffee, relaxing at the beach and reading a brand new novel from start to finish helped, too.


Little Ms Blogger said...

What novel are you reading?

Tasha said...

Your job sounds horrible if the dentist chair is a beter alternative. ;-)

I want to be at the beach!